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Arise! Arrive! Advance!

“Leadership Effectiveness is the leader's ability to unite their vision and strategic

actions with the expertise of others to achieve and sustain successful outcomes."  

                                                                                                             ~Connie Williams                                                                                                                                                                                                          

We conduct Leadership Development Training and Organizational Effectiveness Reviews for Organizations, and we mentor and coach mid-career and early-career women who want to master and elevate their leadership development to become effective leaders.  














“An Organization grows in direct proportion to the effectiveness of its leadership.""  

                                                                                                                ~Connie Williams


Organizations who are ready to accelerate their leadership development programs and build a 

"Leadership Legacy"...CLICK HERE for Online Brochure!


Mid-career and Early-career women who are ready to "Think, Act and Become an Executive-Leader" and advance in their careers...our services are for you! CLICK HERE to go to our "The Confident Mindset" page and download our FREE gift to you...The Confident Mindset Action Guide!



Are you a mid-career or early-career woman looking to advance?


Our AccelerateHERLeadership Membership is the perfect solution for you, offering exclusive access to

the skills and tools you need to reach the next level in your career. Join our waitlist to become an Honorary Founding Member and enjoy the discounted rate. The Leadership Mastery Accelerator Course included within the Membership has been previously reserved for training Organizations. Take advantage of this opportunity and accelerate and advance your career!

 CLICK HERE to join the waitlist!




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Organization Advisors, Inc. is a Leadership Development Coaching

and Training Firm with the

CEO-Founder having 30+ years of experience in leadership development and achieving exceptional outcomes with high-performance teams in social service, research, and evaluation. We strengthen the outcomes of Organizations through Leadership Development Training and Organizational Effectiveness Reviews. We also coach and mentor

Women who want to become effective leaders in their career.



Workshop in Progress

We help Organizations and Women achieve leadership mastery through training and coaching...resulting in organizational effectiveness and career advancement.




To provide CrownDiamond™ 

Value by establishing effective Organizations and effective leaders!

Presenting a Workshop
  • Leadership Mastery Accelerators to enhance leadership development programs in Organizations;
  • Organizational Effectiveness Reviews and Leadership Development Training for Organizations;
  • Leadership-Mentor Coaching and Training for emerging Executive-Level Women Leaders;
  • Leadership Development Workshops; 
  • Speaking;
  • Federal Government Grant Proposal Reviews;
  • Funding Proposal Reviews;
  • Program Design, Program Implementation, Program Management; and
  • Contract Oversight Reviews.
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