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Organizations - Organization Advisors improves organizations by growing effective leaders. Is your organization developing effective leaders? Is your organization's leadership development program measuring the gaps in reaching outcomes? What are your current training program's leadership development gaps as related to the organizational outcomes?


Solution:  When you invest your resources with Organization Advisors, Inc., we enhance your Leadership Development Training Programs by helping you grow effective leaders and achieve effective outcomes for your organization. What an awesome return-on-investment for your training resources!


Your Organization's Ultimate Result:  Save time, money, and resources; achieve outcomes, grow effective leaders, boost morale and seek opportunities.


Let's Have a Conversation Today! "Click" below for a Complimentary Organizational Session.

"Leadership is the vision of creating solutions to achieve effective outcomes and   establish value by connecting to the team's expertise."  ~Connie Williams

  Customized Leadership                             Workshops


Organizational Performance


  • "Leadership Fusion"

  • "Think and Act Like an Executive-Leader"

  • "Package & Profit Your Expertise" (For small business owners and non-profits...our online coaching package for this topic is also available.)

  • Please note:  We can collaborate with organizations to enhance their current Leadership Programs for the Next Generation of Leaders, who are women and men.


  • "Welcome to CrownDiamond™ Territory!"

  • "Let Me Tell You Something...Life and Leadership Wisdom!"

  • Bring Your "A" Game...Arise, Arrive, & Advance!

  • "R.E.A.L.™ Leadership"


  • Organizational Performance Reviews

  • Program Management Reviews

  • Contract Oversight Reviews

  • Federal Grant Proposal Reviews

  • Funding Proposal Reviews

  • Contract Oversight for Service Providers

 Want to Learn More About Training and Organizational Performance Reviews with Connie? 

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