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#Leadership Tools: Connections

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Think of someone you know who is well connected in relationships, information, and resources. What characteristics emerge from your thoughts? Prior research by Catalyst, the leading research and advisory organization working with business and the professions to expand opportunities for women at work, reveals that access to networks can connect you with people, information, resources, and advancement. Your ability to establish these connections with your colleagues could very well determine your next golden opportunity!

A successful career is an investment. Along with our busy schedules bring technology connections such as LinkedIn, emails, and texting. One of the challenges is that many of us do not have the time to expand our networks in person or by technology. We may think it’s so much easier to access the relationships we feel comfortable with. However, it can limit our potential to create and grow our networks and resources. Creating, expanding, and sustaining our networks have become more important than ever. You can increase your leadership capacity when you are well connected with personal networks and resources.

Attending personal and professional events can help you facilitate interactions and expand your relationships, knowledge, and resources. Achieving connectedness is more than shaking hands and introducing you. It’s about creating relationships that exuberate spheres of influence. A positive word about you from the result of your networking carries an investment that could take years to nurture.

Here are a few golden opportunity strategies that will maximize your connections:

  • Trusting – It is natural for another person to speak highly of you within their own networks when you build a connection of trust with them. This will potentially allow you to influence strangers based on the trust you built with the original person. A strong building structure has a durable and lasting foundation…brick by brick. Imagine trust having that same foundation…conversation by conversation. Our connections become stronger with trust.

  • Listening – One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is your individualized attention and focus. In such a busy society, simply giving focus to another will empower and influence them. Even for a few minutes, your sole focus to someone will give quality to the conversation and build trust.

  • Sharing – Information is one of the major benefits of networking. Offer to be helpful by providing information and resources to others. People will be open to giving you information and connecting you with their vast network when you assist them in achieving their desired results.

When you blend trusting, listening, and sharing within your skills set…you have a winning combination of golden opportunities and value with connections.

What connections can you build today?

Organization Advisors, Inc.

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