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#LeadershipTools: Courage

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Who is driving the vehicle of your life? If it’s not courage, it could be a challenge moving up the road to completing your goals.

It takes courage to transform our lives. Courage is good and it brings inner strength and confidence to our actions. Courage needs to drive us when circumstances and obstacles threaten to hold us captive from accomplishing our goals.

It also takes courage to move forward in perseverance and value in the midst of doubt from others you thought would be giving you support. Others do not define you nor do they direct the driver in your life; you do. Courage will give you the audacity, determination, fortitude, and the tenacity to plow down the walls of fear so you can courageously achieve your goals!

Your personal authority and identity will be strengthened by courage. As you move forward accomplishing your goals, observe your thoughts and actions making sure that courage is driving your vehicle down the road.

Where is courage taking you today?

Organization Advisors, Inc.

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