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#LeadershipTools: Value

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As you take this leadership journey with me on our Leadership Blog, I know your life and career will be so empowered, enhanced, and transformed. Join us in our new Series of #LeadershipTools that will “power” your career!

I have been “tweeting” about Value consistently since March 2012 and my life and business have been transformed. I know that Value is a real-life substance that is within and can be awakened in each of us. I don’t think the world has grasped Value completely. Why? Because there’s still evidence of doubt, hate, resentment, bitterness, fear, violence, hurt, and pain in the world, against self and others. There’s a lot of work and room for Value to make a difference every day.

What is Value? Here’s the definition of Value by Organization Advisors, Inc.: “Value is making a daily decision to accept and esteem yourself and others completely, confidently, and collectively.”

It is not easy to focus on Value and it requires daily action from you. If you embrace Value, you will absolutely enjoy life and your relationships. It’s the “acceptance” in Value that does the transforming. Accepting others doesn’t indicate that you are a doormat. Your self-esteem will not allow that to happen! Your Value will allow you to accept the “best” in others because you are esteeming them. Usually, when a person is accepted, they will want to make a decision to accept the best in themselves. If an individual has mental challenges accepting themselves and others, please refer them to a psychiatrist or a licensed professional counselor.

Value is a journey with yourself and others. Why? Because in the majority of life’s moments, we come to crossroads where ourselves and others are usually the ones involved. We can make the decision that Value will improve us and our relationships on many levels.

When you arise in the morning, decide to order the events of your day with Value.

What you focus on at the start of each morning will set the pace for your entire day. Instead of allowing the chips to fall where they may, “Order your Day.” Feed your mind, soul, and spirit by ordering a buffet of joy, peace, gratitude, and Value. Decide to take the high road and feed yourself first. Next, send goodwill to others. That goodwill will take care of the rest of your day through every event. At the end of the day, make a mental note of the Value you attained.

How will you create Value today?

Organization Advisors, Inc.

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